Android Wear Watch Faces

The following Watch Faces for Android Wear are published.


This Watch Face displays the date and time in a textual representation. The minutes are rounded to the nearest multiple of five. So the time 5:12 is displayed as "ten past five" and 5:13 is shown as "quarter past five".
Google Playstore


The time is shown by rotating a surface such that the current time is fixed on the left side, while all other digits are rotated around the origin. The date and batterylife is shown on a metallic surface at the center of the screen.
Google Playstore

To show the batterylife of the smartphone, you need to open the settingsmenu of the Watch Face a single time or you need to reboot the phone.

Desktop Apps

Normally you connect your Android device via an USB-Cable to your PC and use the Android Debug Bridge (adb) for debugging. But you don't need the cable! Adb is able to connect to your phone via wifi.
Android WiFi Debugging