#0 LibGDX Jam - Life In Space


Last saturday (19th of December) the #libGDXJam has started. The final theme of this jam is "Life In Space". My favorite theme was "Evolution", but the final theme was my second choice, so everything is fine.

Getting started

My first idea for the jam was a 2D top-down space exploration game, where you can upgrade and modify your spaceship. But I think there will be a lot of games like this, so I came up with another idea and I think it is even better.
The basic concept is much like Banished, but obviously in space ;-)
You start with a small space station and a few people. You have to mine resources, like metal and hydrogen from asteroids and/or planets. With those resources, you will be able to expand your space station.

The first name coming to my mind was "Space Colony", but there is already a game with that name (from 2003). So I have to find another name. After a few moments I came up with a new name: Solar Colony
Maybe not the best name, but it will do^^

IntelliJ Idea and LibGDX

Recently I switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ Idea. Everything was fine, except one thing: LibGDX
I created a project with the gdx-setup.jar and imported the gradle.build file into IntelliJ. So far so good, but after a few seconds an error occured: Gradle sync failed
That's strange...the Gradle and IntelliJ IDEA-Tutorial said that you just import the project, add a run configuration and thats it! I did those things but nothing works.
The simple solution: Open the Gradle tab on the right side, refresh and run the build-task from the root project. After that, I was able to run the desktop configuration... yeah :-)

So LibGDX is working...let's start this jam!