#2 LibGDX Jam


Small update: Rooms will now connect properly and the first citizens are there.


Each room has multiple "Connectors". Each of those connectors is able to connect itself to an adjacent room. If it is connected, the floor will be rendered, otherwise a closed door is rendered. The connections are established whenever a new room is placed.
In the future, each of those doors will have a cost. This costs will be used in the pathfinding algorithm, to find the shortest and most efficient way from one point to another.
I think it might be cool, if the user can close those doors manually to seal them off in case of a leak in the hull. But that's not on my schedule now, maybe I will add it later on.


I implemented really simple citizens with a basic walk animation. At the moment they are nothing more than a position vector, a direction and a texture. The next step will be the pathfinding algorithm, to let them walk around.