#9 LibGDX Jam


Finally on itch.io

Solar Colony is done! OK, it's more a prototype than a real game, but you can play it anyway :)
The (ugly) source code is now available on GitLab.

Getting started

First of all, every space station needs storage for gases, liquids, solids and energy. If a storage is full, your machines stop producing! So make sure that you have always enough space.

Most buildings will cost metal and electronics, but some will need a bit more, like plastic. To get metal, you need a Meteor Collector, which will produce rocks. The Rock Crusher can use those rocks to produce metal and silicon.
To generate electronics, you need a Circuit Factory. It will then generate electronics out of silicon and plastic. But how do we get plastic? Plastic is generated by the PlasticGen, which will in turn need again other things...

So as you can see, you have a lot to do. At the beginning it might happen that your people will die pretty fast, so I guess, you will have to reload a lot of savegames ;)