Published Asteroid Pack


Published my Asteroid Pack on the Unity3D AssetStore. It consists of five different detailed asteroids. Each one with five different LODs.

Asteroid Pack

Set of five asteroids, each one in five different LODs. Complete with diffuse and normal map.

Triangle count:
LOD0: ~1500
LOD1: ~750
LOD2: ~300
LOD3: ~150
LOD4: ~50

Of course you could use each LOD seperately, but there are also two different kinds of prefabs for each asteroid:
High Profile using all five LODs and a mesh collider using LOD4
Medium Profile using LOD2 to LOD4 and a collider using LOD4. Good for mobile applications.

Asteroids by InfectedBytes on Sketchfab


Get it now from the Unity3d AssetStore: Asteroid Pack
Leave a comment if you have any questions.