#8 LibGDX Jam


A lot new stuff since the last blog entry. First of all, Solar Colony now looks a bit better, because of some new graphics. But I also changed a lot of internal stuff.

#7 LibGDX Jam


Update: added artificial intelligence to the citizens. "Intelligence" is maybe not exactly what I implemented, but they are now walking around and they can deliver resources from one room to another.

#6 LibGDX Jam


JSON serialization here I come! Now the GameWorld can be saved as a json file and also loaded from a file.

#5 LibGDX Jam


Do not code when you're tired! A little story of bad design decisions. But let's start with the good part:

#4 LibGDX Jam


Solar Colony is all about resources, you have to mine and produce resources, in order to survive. A citizen needs food, water and oxygen, so you have to produce those resources.

#3 LibGDX Jam


Now I am able to find a path between two rooms. This is done via the gdx-ai A* algorithm. Adding pathfinding support was really easy. I used the IndexedAStarPathFinder implementation from gdx-ai. Thanks to this, I only had to implement some little interfaces.

#2 LibGDX Jam


Small update: Rooms will now connect properly and the first citizens are there.

#1 LibGDX Jam


Due to a lack of time, I wasn't able to work as much as I wanted. But at least I was able to implement some of the basic stuff.

#0 LibGDX Jam - Life In Space


Last saturday (19th of December) the #libGDXJam has started. The final theme of this jam is "Life In Space". My favorite theme was "Evolution", but the final theme was my second choice, so everything is fine.

Ashley for C#: IronAshley

Ashley ist ein kleines Entity Component System für Java, welches ich bereits in folgendem Artikel vorgestellt habe: Ashley. Nun habe ich Ashley zu C# portiert, wodurch man es mit jeder Sprache des NET Frameworks nutzen kann.


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