Android Wireless Debugging


Normally you connect your Android device via an USB-Cable to your PC and use the Android Debug Bridge (adb) for debugging. But you don't need the cable! Adb is able to connect to your phone via wifi.

Carbon Controller Library


LibGDX contains an extension for controller support, but handling different kinds of controllers isn't so easy. This is caused by the different mappings. The A-button on a Xbox 360 controller has a different code than the A-button on an Ipega controller. The Ipega also has different codes on different platforms. The arbitrary codes are also har to remember.

Android Battery Monitoring


For many applications, it might be interesting to know the current charging state of our battery. If it is almost empty, you should consider to change into a mode with lower energy consumption. Or you could do it the other way around. If your device is in charging mode, you could consume more resources and power as in normal mode.

Communication between Wearable and Smartphone


In the last tutorial we've learned how to add a configuration activity for a watchface. Now we want to learn how to send settings from a mobile app to the watchface.

Watchface Handheld Settings


In the last chapter of this tutorial series, we learned how to add a configuration activity for a wearable device. Now we want to configure the watch from our handheld app. So we can add quiet complex configurations.

Watchface Wearable Settings


It is often better to give the user the possibility to change some settings and to personalize the app. There are two approaches for a wearable app to provide a configuration screen. You can add a configuration screen to your wearable app or you can add one to the mobile app, so the user can change settings from the companion app.

Watchface Implementation


If you create a watchface for the first time, you may don't know where to start. This article will demonstrate you how to implement a watchface.

This article assumes that you have already configured a watchface project.
To do this you can read my previous article Watchface Project Configuration.

Watchface Project Configuration


To create an Androidâ„¢ watchface, you need to create a wearable app and a handheld app. The wearable app contains one or more watchfaces and optionally a configuration screen.

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