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This package provides you with everything you need to start efficient game programming. It adds several classes that are missing in Unity and the .NET framework, like a serializable dictionary with a custom inspector.
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Coding Essentials

Unity is a great engine that makes use of the powerful Mono Project, which is an open source implementation of the .NET Framwork. But since Unity doesn’t use the latest version of it, some important things are missing, like a Restart method for the Stopwatch or the different Tuple classes. Therefore this package provides you with these missing pieces.
Furthermore this package provides you with several fundamental data structures and algorithms, that are important for modern game development with Unity. For example this package contains a serializable dictionary and priority queues. Some other features are:

  • FastList: fast and serializable list data structure + custom inspector
  • UnityDictionary: fast and serializable dictionary + custom inspector
  • Mutable and immutable tuple classes and structs
  • Several programming design patterns, like: Singleton and Observer
  • Different tree data structures:
    • Binary tree
    • Quadtree
    • Octree
  • HSV and HSL colors
  • Integer vectors
  • Large set of extension methods for faster development
  • … and much more

All in all this package contains over 100 fully documented classes with full source code.


The source code of this package is fully documented, furthermore the complete API documentation can be found online: Coding Essentials Docs
The documentation also provides you with several articles for a quick start into game development.
Get it now from the Unity3d AssetStore: Coding Essentials
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