Info post for my homepage migration from Drupal to Jekyll.

Homepage Migration

My previous homepage was using the Drupal CMS, which is of course very powerful, but actually much more than I actually need. Furthermore Drupal and it’s modules are a bit error prone and tend to have security issues. Of course these issues are typically fixed very fast, but it still is an inconvenience for me as a Drupal user.

Therefore I decided to switch to Jekyll. Instead of using a database, it takes the static content, renders markdown or liquid templates, and produces a complete, static website.
Because of this it simply can’t have a security hole. Additionally it doesn’t require php or mysql and is therefore super fast.

Missing blog posts

As you may have noticed, there are plenty of blog posts missing here. This is the case, because I’m too lazy to import them here. Yes, there are automatic importers, but they can’t fully import everything and I would have to manually correct the import errors.

Therefore I decided to only import the important posts (according to Google Analytics).